27. Too much information?

Collin Hansen makes interesting observations in "Blogs: A Window to Our Souls." He doesn't encourage people to start blogging, he says, because "if you run your own blog, there is constant pressure to post so you won't lose regular readers. The Internet never shuts off."

I have an equal and opposite fear: if I continue blogging about everything we eat, readers may run for cover. Do you really want to know that last night we had rich Arab-style yogurt topped with honey, almonds, and blackberries? Followed by little bowls of Barbara's bite size shredded oats to snack on while we read mysteries?

Or that today I abandoned my Lenten principles and had lunch with two friends at Suzette's Creperie, a lovely little bistro and tea shop in downtown Wheaton? Or that for the price of a slice of broccoli-cheddar quiche, a green salad, and two cups of Earl Grey tea I should have been able to eat for three whole days?

No. I didn't think so. But it was nice of you to drop by.

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